Friday, August 05, 2005

Getting to the Purcell Observatory

Getting to the Arthur L. Purcell Observatory is very simple in broad daylight, but can be a bit tricky in the dark.

Take Highway 99 south past Tulare to the Avenue 184 exit. Turn left onto Avenue 184 and drive west approximately 2.1 miles. To do this you'll have to go through the intersection of 184 and Road 96; the observatory is about half a mile past the intersection on the right-hand (north) side of the road, so keep an eye on your odometer.

We have a sign for the observatory at end of the driveway, but it sits slightly off the road and is not lighted. The driveway leads to our parking lot, and the observing is done in our courtyard just beyond.

If you're not comfortable walking in darkness, a flashlight with a red filter will help, but please do not use unshielded lighting once you have left the parking lot.

This interactive Google map can provide driving directions from any location in Tulare County.

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